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In May, the agency levied a 0 million fine against Adrian Abramovich, who allegedly made nearly 100 million robocalls to sell "exclusive" vacation deals. A messy storm of a dance can be appealing — Mr. Ratmansky’s ballet is full of risks — but visual details, from the confused palette and fabrics of Robert Perdziola’s costumes to Mark Stanley’s dull lighting, are off. In this ballet, where so much happens at once, there are patches of airlessness and a sense that Mr. Ratmansky is on a mission to not allow one note to escape his choreographic grasp.

Mr. Morgan’s comments came after President Trump tweeted on Monday that the immigration agency would deport millions of people next week. The president’s tweet alarmed immigrant communities and blindsided immigration agents across the country who described such a massive operation as logistically impossible. The first violence occurred on Monday when members of the security forces fired tear gas and live rounds at protesters, killing at least four people and wounding dozens. The United States squarely blamed the military for the violence.

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This foldable phone concept from TCL intentionally leaves a strip of screen peeking out. 52 PLACES AND MUCH, MUCH MORE Follow our 52 Places traveler, Sebastian Modak, on Instagram as he travels the world, and discover more Travel coverage by following us on Twitter and Facebook. And sign up for our Travel Dispatch newsletter: Each week you’ll receive tips on traveling smarter, stories on hot destinations and access to photos from all over the world.

After recognizing the tech threat early and making three acquisitions that revolutionized the media landscape (Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm) Mr. Iger rolled the dice at age 68, on the cusp of retirement, and beat out Comcast with a .3 billion bid for a chunk of 21st Century Fox. And now he is, as one top producer at Disney dryly calls him, “the God King.” She is the daughter of Joan F. Pollak and Dr. Richard A. Eisner of Merion, Pa. The bride’s father is a neurologist at Bryn Mawr Medical Specialists in Bryn Mawr, Pa. Her mother is a clinical social worker in Wynnewood, Pa.

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Log InMore broadly, the advocacy groups' call for an FTC investigation illustrates the heightened environment around user privacy and data collection. Silicon Valley companies have been scrutinized for the troves of personal data they keep on users so they can serve them ads. But the practice has been under a microscope as Facebook has dealt with a data scandal that affected up to 87 million accounts. Cambridge Analytica, a digital consultancy with ties to the Trump presidential campaign, used the data without user permission.  Each of the flat-panel satellites weighs about 500 pounds, powered by a single solar array. They are to be deployed about one hour after launch, steadily moving outward from a slowly spinning core. “It will almost seem like spreading a deck of cards on a table,” Mr. Musk said.