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The Oticon hearing aids represents a growing crop of hearing assistance devices that are benefiting from an injection of technology. Helping is the growing interest in augmented hearing, or so-called hearables -- think wearables for your ears -- that's leading to new features that can be applied to a wide range of devices. The result: smarter and more accessible devices for people dealing with hearing loss. Read: Stephen King says “Lady in the Lake,” by Laura Lippman, ends with a “twist that your reviewer — a veteran reader of mysteries — never saw coming.” It’s one of 11 new books we recommend this week.

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In a series of tweets Sunday evening, Trump said he had been unhappy with the Navy’s handling of the Gallagher case. “Likewise, large cost overruns from past administration’s contracting procedures were not addressed to my satisfaction,” Trump added without specifics. When Times reporters tried this past month to see one such facility on the desert outskirts of Hotan, a city in southern Xinjiang, guards stopped them. They claimed that the road was dangerous because of power cables, which they had just flung across it. When the reporters tried another route, police officers threw up a roadblock using traffic cones.

Almost 1,000 other products are things you eat or drink. They include vegetables like cabbage, kale, carrots and beets, along with hundreds of types of fish, though industry lobbying removed some Alaskan-caught fish that are exported to China for processing and then reimported to the United States. Other products for your pantry include: Stephen Ross, the billionaire whose real estate firm, Related, has invested in the upscale fitness companies Equinox and SoulCycle, is the latest Trump donor to take heat for his support of the president.

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Log InMany people also download books, but e-readers are not yet in wide use among Arab citizens of Israel. Amazon’s Kindle devices only started supporting Arabic in 2018. “We were together in the studio like no time had passed,” Andersson said. “Everybody fell into their roles immediately.”