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300 Click for offerFor that to take place, unity and political will are essential. Within the European Union as it is, that would be an uphill battle.

“Red faces at Canongate, which has just published a handsome anthology of war diarists, ‘The Secret Annexe,’ edited by Irene and Alan Taylor,” the British magazine The Bookseller reported in 2004. “The book includes an extract from ‘Nazi Lady: The Diaries of Elisabeth von Stahlenberg, published in 1978 (Blond & Briggs). Nothing unusual there, until we remember that the book was a work of fiction.”



BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTY“He was tired from the work he had been doing,” she said. “Now he’s gone. Look at the way the world is.”

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“Having FIFA come to Miami for the first time since the events of 2015 marks a momentum forward for world football,” he said, “and we are glad to play our part.”

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Now, Mr. Binion has been fully embraced by the mainstream art world — at the age of 72. His dealer is a prominent Chelsea gallery. Museums and international collectors are snapping up his large canvases, minimalist grids painted in oil stick over collages of personal documents.

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